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eFax Plus
Complete Internet faxing solution for individuals and small businesses. Includes online storage, 24/7 support, wireless access and more.
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efax pro
Internet fax solution for larger businesses and individuals with increased faxing needs. Comes with additional communication tools, more storage and advanced fax management options.
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Compose and edit faxes with free eFax Messenger software
eFax Corporate provides secure enterprise faxing for businesses that require 10 or more numbers. Over 40% of all Fortune 100 companies are eFax Corporate customers.
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efax corporate helps your business
  • Reduce IT workload
  • Manage documents
  • Track and archive faxes
  • And more
eFax Broadcast
Send hundreds, even thousands of faxes with ease!
No need for expensive equipment, servers, special software, multiple phone lines or outsourcing.
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  • No monthly fees. No setup fees.
  • Easy Fax List and Document Upload.
  • Online / Real-time fax broadcast projects statistics.
  • "Do Not Fax" list management.
  • Personalize your documents with Mail Merge.
eFax Broadcast
Perfect for businesses with high-volume faxing needs and the easiest way to true fax integration with your applicatons.
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  • A cost-effective, secure, and powerful XML-based fax service.
  • Handle the most formidable fax traffic with ease.
  • The benefits of an in-house application faxing system- without the labor or expense