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Start advertising your product or service to millions of eFax subscribers.
  • The eFax subscriber base includes millions of professionals, small business owners, home office workers and other business users.
  • Advertisers have access to impressions across three placements integrated with the eFax customer experience.
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  • eFax Messenger is a downloadable software application that allows eFax subscribers to view, edit and send their personal faxes.
  • Banner impressions delivered within eFax Messenger are displayed while users are viewing their personal fax documents.
  • All standard DART targeting is available including: country, state, zip code and browser type.
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  • eFax is one of the largest email lists in the industry focusing on small business and home office professionals.
  • Millions of subscribers in 35 countries around the world.
  • Target selects include country, state, zip code, industry, job title, ISP, email domain, and additional parameters per custom request.
  • Lifestyle and other demographic targeting available upon request.
  • Additional email lists include jConnect, eVoice and other lists.
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  • Every eFax subscriber receives their faxes by email.
  • Your display advertisement shows up as a standard IAB skyscraper.
  • Pricing available by CPM or monthly sponsorship.
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